How to make most of your Gummy Bear Mold

We’ve experimented with the gummy molds together with the kids, figuring out various ways to make the most of them. You can order a Starter Gummies Kits from our Etsy shop if you do not own a gummies mold. Also You can order refill Candy Mixes to make gummies at home. Here are some options we’ve tried with mold:

  • You can create figurines from melted chocolate, like bears or dinosaurs
  • Baking cookies in the oven is another possibility if your mold withstands high temperatures
  • In the freezer, you can make ice cubes from water or juice
  • For porridge toppings, freeze fruit puree in the molds
  • Make gummy bears and use them in juice popsicles
  • Use gummy candies to decorate gingerbread cookies
  • Make gummy candies and add colorful sugar beads or pearls

Use it for playing with Playdough or clay I’ve made figurines from both white and milk chocolate. Colored melting chocolates are also available in stores, or you can dye white chocolate yourself.  These figurines are perfect for decorating cakes, desserts, or ice cream. You can also simply put them in a bowl for snacking.

One day, I baked a rhubarb cake and decided to try making cookies with the molds. Our Etsy shop mold can withstand temperatures up to 230°C in the oven. I gave some of the cake batter to the kids, who then filled the molds with it. It was a bit tricky to get the batter into the dinosaur molds; I recommend using a knife to handle it. The cookies baked quickly, so keep a close eye on them. While the kids watched the cookies in the oven, I prepared a sponge cake topping for the rhubarb cake.

My kids love to suck and crunch on ice cubes as snacks. Placing gummy bears or dinosaurs in the freezer is easy and gives the kids something exciting, yet sugar-free, to enjoy. However, my niece found an interesting way to use them; she piped apple juice into the molds, froze them, and then enjoyed them afterward. Of course, you can also insert the gummy bear ice cubes into juice, but they melt quickly, disappearing within seconds. You can chill about two glasses with a full mold.

I also experimented with freezing jam one day to make oatmeal porridge more fun for the kids. Store-bought jam is too sugary and won’t freeze properly. However, homemade strawberry jam worked perfectly. Of course, the bears quickly melt on hot porridge, but they also have a cooling effect on it. The kids devoured all the leftover figurines from the mold in one go, naturally.

I also made Sprite popsicles for the kids and submerged gummy candies in the ice cream. The kids loved the taste and visual appeal, but the ice cream crumbled more easily when eating due to the candies.  

During Christmas, we baked different-sized star-shaped gingerbread cookies to create a gingerbread tree and decorated it with dinosaurs.  

A customer shared a picture with us of how their kids had put pieces of colorful PEZ candies into gummy bears. It looked very colorful and beautiful. We’ve also experimented with making gummy candies with various additives ourselves. However, the additive shouldn’t be too large, or the candy may break when removing it from the mold. 

You can alsu use the mold for playing with caly, for example. Exciting experiments with molds! 

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