About us

We are two friends, Aire and Änn. What connects us is that we are also mothers.
Änn loves to create particularly eye-catching treats for her son’s birthday table. However, creating these treats requires buying a large variety of ingredients, some of which go unused and expire. When their shelf life ends, these ingredients have to be discarded. Änn has thrown away the most food coloring. This has always seemed problematic to her as throwing away goods is not sustainable and exhausts our planet.
Aire’s daughter goes to school, is independent, and enthusiastic about crafting and creating. However, the home learning period during the pandemic requires some variety. The child tries to find entertaining activities but sometimes struggles to find something interesting.
This is how the idea of creating “Make Your Own Sweets!” kits came to us, which allow children to create something appealing either alone or with their parents and friends.
These kits contain everything in just the right amount so that the child and the adult can start the activity immediately. The kits are suitable for school-age children to work independently and for preschoolers to craft with their parents.
These kits give families the opportunity to involve the child in preparing their own birthday table. Or to embark on treat-making with guests on any occasion. Whether it’s a large company’s family day or a home pajama party before watching movies and going to bed.
The kits are also suitable as birthday or Christmas gifts. Often, children have many different toys and it’s challenging to find a right gift that won’t just end up lonely in the corner somewhere. For example, making gummy bear candies is exciting for kids, and the candy molds can also be used in other ways (ice cubes, chocolate candies). Therefore, the fun activity lasts longer.
Our goal is to make the kits as pure and natural as possible. Exactly the kind of product that we are willing to give to our children.

You can read about our activities in Tartu Postimees (in Estonian):

Kummikarud ja -saurused valmivad ka kõige pisemate käte all

Aire talked about Lastella’s birth and our endeavors in Kristi Saare’s “Lisatulu” podcast (in Estonian).
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