Lollipop Molds – Recipes and Usage

How do your children learn arithmetic? When we return bottles at the store to collect deposits, my son converts the refunded money into lollipops. “Mom, I could buy six lollipops with this money!” Every kid enjoys a lollipop! Here’s how to make them and other creative uses for the lollipop mold.

Making Chocolate Lollipops

Making chocolate lollipops is one of the easiest activities for kids. Here’s a simple method to follow:

  1. Place the chocolate in a bag.
  2. Put the bag in a cup filled with hot water to melt the chocolate.
  3. Once melted, cut off the tip of the bag and squeeze the chocolate into the mold

You can create various types of lollipops:

  • Single-colored
  • Mixed chocolates
  • Decorated
  • Multi-layered

Single-colored lollipops are the simplest. For mixed chocolates, you can place one type of chocolate in one corner and another type in the opposite corner, or fill half the mold with one chocolate and the other half with another. This results in a lollipop with two different chocolates on either side.

For decorations, many options work well besides freeze-dried berries, such as mini marshmallows, sugar pearls, colored chocolate buttons, and more.

Lastella pulgakommivorm

Creating Multi-layered or Patterned Lollipops

The most challenging lollipops are multi-layered or patterned ones. For this, you can purchase our DIY Lollipop KIT from Etsy, which is excellent for making patterned lollipops. Here are a few tips:

There are different ways to use chocolate in the mold.

  1. Thin Stream Method:  Cut the tip of the melted chocolate bag very finely and fill the molds with a thin stream. This is great for filling detailed parts, like an apple leaf.
  2. Toothpick Method: Use the tip of a toothpick to place chocolate in tiny spots, such as strawberry seeds.
  3. Spreading Method: Drip a little chocolate into the bottom of the mold and spread it with your finger. With the right amount, the chocolate will fill the indentations, leaving the higher parts clean. This method is perfect for making the base of a pineapple or a lemon slice.

After filling the pattern, use chocolate with different colors and fill the mold. Place the mold in the refrigerator to harden the lollipops. 

Gummy Lollipops

This will make the gummy mixture firmer, helping it stick better to both the stick and the chocolate. You can also buy gummy mix powders from our Etsy store.

  1. Prepare the Mixture: If using gelatin powder, use less water than usual to create a firmer gummy mixture. If using a gummy mix from our Etsy store, mix the powder with 30 ml of water. This way gummy mix will be firmer and will stick better to chocolate and stick.
  2. Combine with Chocolate (Optional): To make lollipops that are half chocolate and half gummy, first pour the melted chocolate into the mold and let it set slightly. Then add the gummy mixture on top.
  3. Create Different Colors: For single-colored lollipops, pour one color of gummy mixture into the mold. For two-colored lollipops, pour one color first, let it set slightly, and then add the second color. The translucent nature of the gummy mixture will create a unique blended effect.
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Lastella söödavate putukatega pulgakommid

Thus you can create different lollipops:

  • Single-colored
  • Half gummy candy, half chocolate
  • Multicolored
  • With decorations like flowers and non-pareils

Making Sugar Lollipops

Check your mold usage temperatures, our Etsy shop Lollipop Mold can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to 230°C. One option is to make caramel lollipops in the oven. Simply crush store-bought caramels in a mortar. Place the resulting crumbs into the mold and put the mold in the oven at 180°C. Since there is a lot of air between the caramel pieces, I let the caramel melt slightly in the oven before adding more pieces on top. I keep it in the oven for an additional minute and then remove it. I press the sticks into the partially melted caramel. Do not put sticks in the oven as they will melt. It’s a good idea to use oven mitts to handle the mold or move it onto a cutting board with parchment paper. The caramel coming out of the oven is obviously very hot, so be careful.

Lastella pulgakommivorm
Lastella pulgakommid

Keeruline ei ole ka suhkrust ja võist ise iirise-karamelli pulgakomme valmistada.

  1. Koostisosad: Pulgakommivormi täie jaoks kulus mul 150 grammi suhkrut ja 5 grammi võid.
  2. Valmistamine: Suhkur koos võiga pane potti ning kuumuta pliidil madalal kuumusel. Sa ei tohi pliidi juurest lahkuda ning pead suhkrut pidevalt segama. Suhkur hakkab karamelliseeruma nii 3-4 minutiga ja peale seda pead suhkrut paar minutit veel kuumutama, et kõik tükid sulaksid ära ja karamell muutuks ühtlaseks. 
  3. Vormi tõstmine: Tõsta keedetud karamell lusika abil võimalikult ruttu vormi, kuna ta tahkub päris kiiresti. Jälle ole ettevaatlik kuumusega.
  4. Tasandamine: Mina kasutasin pulgakommide tasandamiseks lusikat. 
Lastella iirise keetmine
Lastella pulgakommid

Lollipop Cookies Baked from Cookie Dough

If your mold withstands high temperatures, you can also bake cookies using the mold. We tried making lollipop cookies from gingerbread dough with the kids. Personally, I buy 1 pack of gingerbread dough and 1 pack of shortcrust pastry from the store and mix them together. We filled the mold with the dough and baked it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes. Since you can’t put sticks in the oven, I took the mold out earlier than I would have done for gingerbread cookies. I wanted the cookies to remain soft so I could insert the sticks into them. After placing the sticks, I let the cookies cool with the sticks in them. You may decorate any way you like. Chocolate glaze, sugar pearls or nonpareils. We drizzled white chocolate on one side and sprinkled strawberry-flavored sugar on top. This allowed us to place the lollipop cookies on a cutting board to set. You can find a video about our lollipop making from VIDEO page Personally, I found these lollipop cookies very tasty.

Piparkoogi pulgakommid
Piparkoogi pulgakommid

You can easily make ice cream popsicles using a lollipop mold. 

We recommend thicker mixture. In that case the mixture does not flow out of the mold. We mixed mango puree and yogurt together. For decoration, we sprinkled some leftover nut crumble on top. Then, into the freezer they went. Frozen ice cream bites were devoured in just two minutes, kids loved them.

Lastella pulgakommivorm
Lastella pulgakommivorm

Diffrent ways to use lollipop mold

By following these different steps and tips, you can create beautifully crafted lollipops that are both fun to make and delicious to eat!

  • Cookies
  • Ice-lollipops from apple juice
  • Decorations for cakes
  • Creating soap

Enjoy! Let us know how it went?

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Lastella vormiga kaunistused

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